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Central Parking Game Description

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Central Parking takes a slightly more complex and realistic approach to parking games. Players start by controlling a small man on the street from an overhead view. The arrow keys on the keyboard move the man in whatever direction the key points. Players then select one of three cars. Picking the front car is the easiest as you can simply drive forward. The back car is more difficult as you must back out and then drive foward. The middle car is the most difficult as you must carefully avoid crashing into the cars in front and behind you.

The car is controlled using the same method as the man. This shared control helps make the game much easier to pick up for many players. Follow the arrows on the road to find the parking spot. Steer out of the way of parked cars to avoid crashing and ending the level. Press the “Space Bar” to hit the brakes and stop your car more quickly.

Drive into the parking lot and continue to follow the arrows. Find the right spot to park and pull your car into the spot. Adjust your positioning and exit the vehicle. Walk to whatever building you need to to finish the level. Later levels get more difficult as moving cars are added as well as tight passages and curves. Try each level again as often as you want to finish the game.

Central Parking Game Controls

  • Accelerate – up arrow.
  • Reverse – down arrow.
  • Steer left/right – left/right arrows.
  • Brake – space bar.
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