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No frills, hidden tasks or objectives – Crazy Car Parking is one of the most straightforward car parking games around. The gameplay is smooth, but the rapid acceleration of your car is what puts the “crazy” in the title. Jump right in without an elaborate intro or tutorials. It’s simple, really, use the arrow keys to drive and park!

You have ten lives as your disposal, and one will be taken away each time you crash or bump into an object. In the event that you do, you’ll be taken to the “YOU CRASHED” screen without hesitation. Don’t worry, just hit “try again” and give it another go.

There’s no time limit to worry about, just make sure to get your car in the specified space and take your time to carefully avoid barriers. Your spot will be marked with four white lines – just position yourself in the center of this space as accurately as possible.

Crazy Car Parking Game Controls

  • Drive forward – use the up arrow key to accelerate forward.
  • Reverse/brakes – press the down arrow to slow down/brake and hold it to reverse.
  • Steer left – hold the left arrow key while driving to steer left.
  • Steer right – drive and hold the right arrow key to steer to the right.
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